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Welcome to the FAQ. Click on a question to see the answer. If your question is not in the list, feel free to e-mail us at

1. Do I have to buy a new access code for every survey project I want to execute?

No, you can simply start a new ValueGame with the same account. By buying one account you can create an unlimited number of ValueGames.


2. How much is the price for the Value game?

A subscription will cost 180 euro's/year. An account will allow you to make several games.

If you want to get an account, please sent us an email, and we will sent you a pdf-invoice with payment-details and the access codes. The creditcard payment gateway is temporarily out of service.

A half-day workshop will cost 750 euro's (ex VAT and travelling costs; including one account). We think the tool is self-explanatory, but we can imagine that you feel more confident if you get a short training first.

3. Do I get a discount if I order more than one value game? And how do I order?

If you buy more than 10 ValueGames, you will get a discount. This may be attractive for resellers, larger organizations, umbrella organizations, etc. If you are interestedsend an email to

4. I am not a real professional surveyor; is my survey valid?

Why not? If you are transparent about the way you did your survey, and people can see how you did it, there is no reason why your results would not be acceptable. Have confidence in your own survey!

5. How long can I keep my account?

As long as you pay for your monthly subscription, your account can be used as long as you wish. When you decide to stop using the ValueGame, your results will still be visible for you. However, you can no longer change or use them.

6. Is the tool scientifically proven and objective?

The process and results from the ValueGame are very transparent: every one can see how you performed your survey, how many people participated and how much diversity exists among your respondents. The Value Game estimates value using the preferences of your stakeholders, the subjects. From this perspective the results are subjective but this is an advantage.

7. Aren’t we comparing apples and oranges here?

If you ask you stakeholders to tell you’re their preferences from a list of goods and services that they currently make choices about then, on the surface, we are of comparing different things. But your stakeholders already do this when they make choices.  Make cards for your specific stakeholder group with these goods and services  

8. How accurate are the respondents’ answers since they do not really have to pay?

We do not ask them to pay, and in your game you are not talking about prices or money. We ask about preferences.
There is a tendency (in healthcare) to give clients a personal budget to buy services. Your stakeholder group stakeholders may be buyers within a couple of years!

9. Can I use money-values instead of pictures?

Yes, you can. Instead of pictures you can upload figures or banknotes, and ask people to rank the outcome in relation to money

10. Do I have to calculate a money value? It still feels strange to get a money value for my work.

You can use the Valuegame just as a ranking game. What is more important to your stakeholder? How do they rank different options? In that case may choose to let your stakeholder group prioritize between different outcomes or services, instead of random products. However you wont then be able to compare the value to the investment or the value you create for different stakeholders.

11 Can I play the ValueGame on any computer?

No. You can't play the ValueGame on an iPad. And for any computer InternetExplorer6 / higher, or Mozilla Firefox is required.