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  • ValueGame training

    On 1 December Peter Scholten will be hosting the ValueGame training for one of the first times in the UK. The ValueGame is a method for measuring the perceived value of social and environmental value of your activities to your target audience: your customer value.


    Published on: 20-09-2017

  • ValueGame Training 2016

    In October 2016 we will offer a new ValueGame training: 2 days (27 and 28 October) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. See pdf for details or sent us an email!

    Hope to see you in Amsterdam!

    Published on: 07-06-2016

  • Online tool Manual part 2

    The second part of the manual for the online tool.

    Published on: 29-05-2013

  • Online tool Manual - first part

    First part of the manual for the online valuegame

    (written by Hazel B. Alfon and Chona Suner-Narvadez)

    Published on: 29-05-2013

  • Quick guide

    quick guide to start working with the online Valuegame

    Published on: 29-05-2013

  • Youtube Rwanda

    Link to a Youtube video  about a ValueGame-focusgroup session in Rwanda (Africa):


    Published on: 26-07-2012

  • payment system

    Due to technical problems, the credit card payment gateway is not functioning at the moment.

    If you want to buy an account, please sent an email to: and we will activate your account and sent you an invoice per email, with payment details for (online) payment.


    Published on: 20-06-2012

  • My newest post

    This is a new page on the website! we will keep you posted on news, innovations and developments in the field of valuing intangibles.

    The ValueGame is realised thanks to our partners (Jeremy Nicholls from the UK, Martin Egberink, and Linda Blank)

    Published on: 30-05-2012

  • Do Cleaning Services Matter?

    This study investigates the extent of the value attributed by customers to cleaning services.

    Published on: 05-12-2016

  • GRA Glasgow

    Case from the GRA Glasgow, in cooperation with the Social Value Lab (Glasgow)

    Published on: 29-05-2013