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What is the Value game?

We are used to communicating costs and cost savings… but we should be communicating value we create instead. We can not communicate unless we first know the value.

That’s where the Value game comes in. By using this online web tool you will survey your stakeholders. They will tell you the importance – expressed as a value - of what they experience as a result of using your products or services. We can describe this experience as outcomes.





Everyone has priorities. So does your stakeholder group. You may have wonderful ideas about the value of your products or services and a gut feeling that your stakeholder group feels the same way. But gut feeling is not enough: we need to know how valuable they are to your stakeholders. Your stakeholders buy or use your products or services for a reason.
The Value game offers you a way of finding out how important this reason is compared to other goods and services that your stakeholders purchase.  It does this by simply asking them to compare their outcome  to other products and services that they value.. The relative importance indicates the value you create.  

The Value game follows a few steps and  invites your stakeholders to play the game. You upload their email addresses or invite through a weblink, and the Value Game sends out invitation and analyses the results. The Value game will provide you with a clear report on the value, and on the quality of your survey.




The Value game will assess how much value stakeholders experience from an outcome, either by comparing preferences or by comparing products (with known market prices). These preferences and products are represented in images. Comparison of images will provide a more realistic, intuitive assessment of value.